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DigiD Alpha! Digital Dreams has begun our Alpha Test! Character Sign Ups are open. Once your character has been approved, you can post in the Alpha to claim your incentive package! Read the rules carefully. Members have already begun role-playing and they're more excited than ever to see what DigiD has in store. Staff will be trickling in our new system during the Alpha Stage and are available for questions on our Discord chat! Thank you for your patience, and we hope you have fun! -- Staff
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 **Big Announcement**
 Posted: Mar 4 2017, 04:05 PM
She/Her - US Central (-6:00) -

Welcome, new members and returning veterans! I'm sure by now you have noticed some insanely magnificent changes being made to our home here on Digital Dreams (the Staff, the skin, the fact that all your RP threads are gone) and the Staff are here to deliver this message: fear not.

I think the most important note right now is to tell you all that YOUR STUFF IS NOT DELETED. Threads, characters, plots, journals--it has all gone to the Archives, governed by our new Record Keeper Miss Piemon Cleo. We have plans in the works for what we will be doing with your characters and their partners plot-wise.

Secondly, please bear with us for all the changes that are being made. We understand it is a shock to see such wild changes to Digital Dreams, but we have refreshments and a small place for non-canon RP if you wish it to be so. You can always PM any of the Staff members (Admins and Mods) to express your concerns and there is always the Cbox. There will be a list of contact information below if you wish to contact us on a more convenient social media platform.

On this note, members, PLEASE contact a Staff member if you notice any problems with the skin or any bugs with the overall site. We cannot fix it if we don't know about it and for those of you with anxiety, don't be afraid to speak up! We enjoy hearing your opinions about everything, even kinks and bugs, and wish to help build our home towards a brighter future! Don't be afraid of inconveniencing us or even just talking to us about concerns or suggestions, because this is your home, too. Remember that!

Thirdly, I wish to address our new changes. The skin and shuffling everything around is only the beginning of our changes. The new Staff has been working diligently for months on fleshing out a new plot (old and new characters will be involved), systematic changes, and bringing you fresh content without sacrificing everything you and your characters have worked hard to achieve. These ideas that the Staff are creating would not be allowed by normal standards of Digital Dreams, but that's the great thing: we're changing that, too!

Meet The Staff
The Staff are a creative bunch that enjoy pushing the boundaries of canon and creative. We all love Digimon very much and LOVE theorizing "what if this happened..." on a frequent basis. Some of us even enjoy torturing our own characters as a way of helping them grow. While the old Digital Dreams was very strict on rules, plot (even down to individual member plots), and Digimon lines, the new Staff has decided to stretch these boundaries. We are overhauling rules, lists, and profiles to give members new and returning a fresh perspective and hoping to spark that Digital Dreams spirit of good, old-fashioned creative role play. Members should never be afraid or nervous to discuss your ideas for our site, even down to "I want this to happen during my adventure!" for individual characters. If you can dream it, we can do it. Though, sadly, Fakemon will still not be allowed. (Sorry!)

The plot will involve a new, original Digimon that the Staff has created and will involve both an ACTIVE site-wide plot and characters, as well as sub-plots that members can tinker with. What this means is that while we will have an overall plot, individual character plots are just as important and can affect the plot on some level.

More importantly, our plot will involve what is called a Reboot. This a much more expansive Reboot than what was shown on Digimon Tri Ep. 3 (for those of you who have been watching) as it will involve a reset of the entire Digital World and Earth, as well as characters, partners, and their respective plots & achievements. Before some of you start wailing and becoming enraged, we wish to point out that participation in this Reboot plot is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL for veteran DigiD members. I wish to explain this better.

For some of us on DigiD, our characters took an unexpected path down the road of life. Somewhere in all of our character development, we realized that we didn't much care for what we had. I mean, DigiD was last active at least 5 years ago and we have all grown as people ourselves and some of us have grown as writers and role players. After looking back (and cringing) on our characters, we wish to revamp them completely. New characters, new partners, new plots, new friendships, new crests... And this is what the Reboot is for. For those of you veteran DigiD members who have either lost everything you once had for your character or simply wish to reset them and start over, this option is there for you. Please note, however, that by participating in this Reboot, your character's DEP, Bits, and Inventory will be reset to Beginner.

Alternatively, there are a few Staff members who wanted the exact opposite: they wanted to keep their characters, Crests, possessions, and plots. These are the members who still love everything about what their characters have conquered and achieved and aspire to continue their plots in a new world. We have an option for keeping your DEP, Bits, and characters as they are written into the plot. There may be some minor changes to classification of your characters, but they will be able to jump right in to the new plot and start role-playing, even as a character that makes a big impact on the new world. This is why we have Archived everything and not been complete dicks and deleted it.

**Please Note: Veterans will be given a Grace Period of 6 weeks to return starting the day we send out Mass Emails before we fully Reboot the site. This means that after the Grace Period, your characters will no longer have claim to their Crests, Digimentals, or Spirits. Your DEP, Inventory, and Digimon Partners will still be saved, but you will need to earn your Crests again.

New members do not need to worry about this. You can just sign up and start RPing without any worries about your characters being rebooted. They will be introduced into the new plot just as they are on your sign-up and will receiver our customary Beginner's Kit upon being accepted.

We, as Staff, want our members to think critically on what you want for your characters. I'm afraid there is no "neutral" decision on this. You can choose to Reboot your characters or keep them. Whatever you decide, please PM any Staff member to let us know your decisions. These archives will not be deleted, but once you make the decision to Reboot, I'm afraid there is no changing your mind after that. A new profile will be created for your reset character and that will be the canon from Reboot point and forward.


We will be introducing character classes with this new overhaul! Characters will be allowed to stick with a Solo Class (meaning only one) or Multi-classing (choosing up to 2) and each option will have perks or benefits for your characters and their partners. Aside from Digidestined, Tamers, and Spirit Tamers, three new classes will be introduced to the site. Staff are currently working hard to clarify each Class and will make more announcements as we finish each section.

Our current setting will no longer be available. In this new setting, Earth will be freely accessible to all humans and will be an AU Earth where the Digital World was discovered ten years earlier, as well as open to the public. The Digital World and Earth have made a significant impact on each other and share a close, yet tense relationship with one another. The D-bans will no longer be shackles. Your characters are free to come and go as they please and lead normal lives on Earth (school, family, tournament gaming, etc.) while also going on adventures in the Digital World. The timeline will be set parallel to 2015 - 2017 and yet have major differences due to the relationship of the two dimensions. Other dimensions, such as Witchelny, will also be accessible via plot. There is also ideas being thrown around and discussed about Digimon refugees living on Earth.

Because the Staff is toying with so many new ideas for characters and general role play, the shop will be getting a reboot as well. New features for Digivices and upgradeable tools and equipment (Digimon as well as humans) will be set up in the shop and available for purchase once the plot restarts.

We, as Staff, have come together to bring fresh ideas and role play experiences to our member base. We apologize to those of you who are feeling uncertain about what we're doing, but we ask that you be patient and contact us about your concerns. Questions, suggestions, and constructive feedback are encouraged. With that said, please see below our staff members and their contact information. You can always PM us here on DigiD or chat with us in the Cbox.

Staff Contact Information

Zander {ZanderSteele}
Discord: deszephyr
Skype: deszephyr

Cleo {Cleo Rania}
Skype: clara.wyman

Barren {Barrenx2}

Shana {Shana}
Skype: shana2488

Sean {CelticStorm}
Skype: sean_bigley

Amy {TheAmyzing}

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