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 Death in the Family, (Solo)
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 10:38 PM
He - Eastern -

Impmon had been left by his friend, Kudamon, at the crossroads. He had finally found the courage to leave and met Kazuki at Central City. They had come back to check to see if Kudamon had come back to wait or leave a sign for Impmon, but there wasn’t any. It is where Garrett and Esther showed up, being the first two other tamers Kazuki had the chance of truly meeting. The path to the North was long, and they faced some danger up there. Not to mention bad news piled on more bad news with Sakusimon showing up. Coming full circle, all Kazuki and Impmon had was the news of Witchelny gates closed, and the digimon that shoved them out of their home server was closing in.

Impmon collapsed to the ground, exhausted. He sprawled out on the ground, stretching his arms and legs outward. A giant purple starfish kind of clump. Kaz was leaning on the sign that stood tall and told travelers which way was what. The human gavea narrowed glance at his digimon partner, the purple pile that was being a bit dramatic. Yeah, the walk was long but it wasn’t that bad.

“We did all this traveling just to end up back here? Tell me it isn’t so,” Impmon said into the ground, his face buried in a small mound. He picked his head up to look at his tamer, dirt smeared along his mouth and chin. “Tell me it isn’t so, Kazuki.”

Kaz laughed. “It wasn’t that bad of a walk, Impmon. You’re being a bit dramatic, don’t you think?”

“Long enough to make me bored, which drained me. The way up North at least had some excitement, regardless of how scary it may have been.” Impmon pulled himself up off the ground, sitting indian style. He made pretend his arms were long like IceDevimon’s.

“Yeah, excitement isn’t what I’d call Reora and Tonya getting trapped and Garrett taking on a Lilithmon. Dangerous is more the way I’d describe it.” Kaz gave Impmon a look. A sharp glance that made the imp digimon put his hands down. The tamer got warm, too warm, and took off his jacket and beanie. As he packed them away in the backpack he had, his battle visor stuck out on top of his head. It made him look like a real tamer, at least in his eyes. If only Mayumi could see him, he thought to himself, she would be impressed.

“I don’t usually dwell on these dangerous situations if we came out on top. Then it just becomes exciting.”

Kaz rolled his eyes. He looked down each road, hoping something would give him a sign as to what the next move was. All he had was the sign he was standing by, the one telling him East and West. Suddenly, his eyes caught something. In the distance was two figures coming into view, but so far away they were hazing black spots. He slid his visor down in front of his eyes. The electronic part of it came to life, analyzing the spots and figuring one was a digimon.

The figure next to him, as the two walked closer, looked like a girl. One Kazuki knew very well. The young man wiped his eyes, hard. They were a bit tired, the walk did take some energy. Maybe the whole thing was a mirage and Kaz was just seeing the person he wanted to see the most.

Impmon caught sight of what Kaz was seeing, narrowing his eyes and covering his eyebrows to keep sun out of his eyes. The white hat and cape was something that he instantly caught on to. He rubbed his eyes, hoping what digimon it looked like was actually the one he wanted to find the most.

Mayumi. Sorcerymon. Regardless of why they traveled together, they were walking right for Kaz and Impmon. The two boys took off, tripping over themselves. When their friends noticed it was them, both groups were making a mad dash toward each other.

They embraced their friends. Mayumi laid into Kazuki’s chest, enjoying his tight hug. Sorcerymon was kneeling, taking in her friend with a big hug.

“Mayumi,” Kaz looked down over the girl’s head to see her face, “how are you here?”

“Unlike mister breaking in to a facility, I traveled to Tokyo and used one of the gates. You know your parents were slipping when they heard someone fitting your description did such a thing?”

“Yeah. I can imagine exactly what they said,” Kaz laughed, remembering his parents and what they always said whenever he did something remotely bad. In fact, it was just like how he was with Impmon minutes ago, scolding him for getting into a dangerous situation and not thinking of it that way.

“You’ve made them really worried. Your mother had to take a sick day, which she told me she hasn’t done so in years.” Mayumi kept her eyes focused on Kazuki’s chest. Seeing him after all of this time brought some new feelings to light, and his embrace was very comfortable. It made her feel safe. “I’ve been worried.”

Kaz raised an eyebrow.He pulled away from Mayumi, studying her. She looked sad, but beautiful. “You told me no. I asked you to join me on this vacation and you declined it,” he was confused, uncertain if this was really Mayumi. She had turned him down with her focus on school and her family.

“I got worried. I needed to know you were okay.”

On the other side of things, Wizardmon studied Sorcerymon. “So, you’ve gotten your form back.”

“Same goes for you. There was a lot of fighting, even in this world. It reminded me of Witchelny, and brought back the empowering feeling of how we fought for the army.” Sorcerymon smiled with his eyes, he raised his staff over his head in victory. Out of the two, the white wizard was the one who was more dominant with his magic, more confident in his decisions on the battlefield. The one who thirst for data recently deleted.

It was no surprise to Wizardmon that he had gotten his form and held it so well with traveling. But Mayumi was the oddball, the strangest piece to this puzzle forming inside of Wizardmon’s mind. The way Kazuki spoke of her, she would never fit the description to be a partner to Sorcerymon. Maybe opposites do attract.

The two groups made small talk for a few more minutes. Mayumi shared details of some smaller events at their old school, her new school, and with the family business. She really did care about Kazuki, and something about that really excited Kaz. Whereas Wizardmon was having a small argument with his friend. One was in denial over the gates, no matter how hard the other tried with knowledge they had gained from a library up North.

“Are you coming home soon?” Mayumi asked.

Kazuki was taken back. Wizardmon seemed to stop his discussion and stared over to his human partner. The human man choked on his next words, “Wh-what?”

“Are you coming back to the Real World? Come home with me, see your parents…”

“I,” Kaz mumbled, looking to Wizardmon who had a deep concern hiding behind his iris’. The thought never even occurred in his mind. Well, of course I’d want to go home, eventually, he thought to himself, but never any time soon. “Not anytime soon,” he paused with each word.

“Wait,” Mayumi shot him a look, “Why not?”

“I belong here. Wizardmon needs me and I need him. A part of me needs to his adventure complete,” Kaz went over to his digimon and put an arm around him. The two shared a nice moment. “I’m not going back anytime soon.”

The group fell silent. The air seemed to pick up and the digimon began to look around, uneasy with the situation. The battle visor beeped.

“What is going on?” Kaz asked out loud, sliding the visor down over his eyes once more. The data was all over the place, but nothing seemed out in the open of the crossroads.

There was a sound. A whizzing sound like something was moving really quick. It approached from what, at first, sounded like it was coming at them from every angle, but the visor beeped with a more certain direction. Right behind them. As he opened his mouth to say something, the group caught sight of Sorcerymon and gasped. Coming out through the white wizard’s outfit was a hand. It was pink and had sharp claws. Sorcerymon began to fade, but his data was being absorbed in a small necklace-like object inside the clawed hand.

Kaz’s eyes were wide. His ears buzzed loudly as the visor hissed at him.

Wizardmon took a step back, his eyes already glazing over from seeing his best friend fatally injured. His hands slowly going up as if he could pull him back from this sudden deletion.

Mayumi fell to the ground, tears already swelling from her exchange with Kazuki but her new friend hurt made everything worse.

“You two were supposed to be out of my way, but you started to meddle with knowledge and my followers. You just couldn’t accept the new hand fate dealt you.”

The pink, clawed hand retracted from the wizard’s body as his data finished collecting in the charm attached to the chain. The body behind the voice, behind the heinous crime that just unfolded was a tall, female digimon that looked sort of like a witch. She dangled the necklace in her hand, taunting Wizardmon.

“W-Wh-Who are you?” Wizardmon was able to get out, choking at every word. He didn’t recognize the witch digimon, but had a feeling that with her appearance she was from Witchelny. Putting two and two together, he knew, this digimon was the one that forced him out of his home. Sakusimon referred to his master as a lady.

“Me? I guess it is time for introductions. After all, I killed your best friend!” She laughed, wickedly. “My name is Warudamon.” She flicked her wrist, her fingers danced about and a small portal seemed to open. Through her magic, a new digimon stepped out. It looked like an undead samurai.Warudamon handed him a new charm, one that looked like a snowflake instead of the samurai’s normal, small fur attached to a strand of beads.

The undead samurai finally spoke. “My Lady?”

“This charm will distract them. Take care of them for me, please.” She blew a kiss in his direction. She looked over her shoulder to watch Kazuki, who had fire in his eyes. The fire for revenge. “Have fun, children.” With that, she opened another portal and disappeared within it.

“I will make this quick,” the samurai said. He unsheathed his sword and got into a more offensive-looking stance. The strike was being planned out.

The battle visor buzzed once more. Kaz flipped it down, trying not to unleash his spirit right away. Musyamon, it read. The demon man type, virus attribute. He was an Adult stage digimon, like Wizardmon… and Sorcerymon. Kazuki looked over to his wizard partner, who was stunned with pain. He didn’t know what he would do if Mayumi had gotten physically hurt. There was only one way to deal with this, spirit style.

Kaz put a gentle hand on the shoulder of Wizardmon, “I’ll take this one.”

The wizard shook his head, trying to wipe tears from them. “No, this is my battle. Let’s do this together.” He took a step forward, readying his staff. His shot a quick look toward Kazuki to make sure he was on board, and the human was already taking out his deck of cards and trying to calculate a plan.

And he had one instantly. Kaz touched a card to his digivice. “Wizardmon, don’t worry about Musyamon. Charge up a really strong Thunderball.”

Wizardmon set out to do what he was told. With the staff loosely held in one hand, he put his hands closer together and sparked began to come to life. At first, the sparks formed a sort of orb no larger than a baseball. Wizardmon could see Musyamon take a step and change his stance. The lightning ball was growing, but spending more and more energy every second. Now a size of a basketball, the Wizardmon cringed. It was taking a lot to hold its form. Musyamon started running for him, keeping his sword pointing back and readying it for a heavy swing. The sword’s blade beginning to glow an eerie, blue, ghost-like color.

Kaz finally swiped the card. “Modify! Twilight Timer!” The piece of paper effortless slide through the scanner built into the digivice. There was a circle that illuminated underneath the samurai digimon and followed him until it was complete, the circle holding him in place. “Wizardmon, blast him!”

Wizardmon yelled out in pain, a combination of exhaustion from building the large ball of electricity and the pain of losing his beloved friend. The ball of power soar through the gap between the two digimon before colliding with the samurai’s body, illuminating his armor with a blue color as the electricity traced throughout it. There was a moment to see the damage, and Kaz followed in their stares. Musyamon used his sword to keep balance as his body was trying to fight off the temporary paralysis. Finally, the sword came to life with the same glow.

The team’s eyes went wide. It looked like the attack did damage, but not as much as they had guessed. Warudamon may have tampered with his data, making him stronger. That or the attack wasn’t as strong as they had hoped.

The visor beeped. Kaz scanned the Musyamon’s figure, looking for weak points. In the middle of the digimon’s chest was a spot where muscles had come together, and it was bare. He put his hands around his mouth to get his words to Wizardmon, “In the middle of his chest.”

Wizardmon looked back, nodding to confirm with Kazuki.

“Modify! Blitz activate.”

Another card scanned through, in which Wizardmon found a small aura around his form. He knew what this card could do once it was finished scanning. Wind gathered around his strange staff and he swung it twice forward toward his enemy, watching blasts of invisible energy fly for the samurai. It was wind, Blink Breeze. The two attacks knocked into the foe’s chest, right in the weak spot. Still, Musyamon was standing. An armored hand coming up to cover his chest where he was hit. Wizardmon stood there, huffing, trying to grab air as his energy wore thin from what had expired.

Kaz put a hand on his head. “No way. We hit him hard, twice.

Musyamon raised his sword, it beginning to glow for a third time. He moved swiftly in the gap between them and swung his sword downward onto Wizardmon. The staff wasn’t enough and the force of the collision between weapons created orange sparks, the blade skimming the wizard’s body. There was a weird draw Wizardmon felt, a little less energy there when he first tried defending. Another swing, again drawing energy out of him. A third, and Wizardmon fell to his knees.

Musyamon stood over the digimon, a formidable foe with just the first attacks. “You are good warrior. I am better,” he said slowly. His sword came above him, ready to come down like a guillotine and chopping Wizardmon in half.

Kaz began to sweat, his fear attacking his heart and the organ pounded loudly in his chest. He couldn’t let it end like this, not here, not yet. He pulled enough card, one he used once before. Exactly what he needed. As the sword twitched in the demon man’s hands, Kazuki swiped his final card he’d use. “Modify! Doom Puppet.” Wizardmon was sliced in half, but the data wasn’t being deleted. Instead, it lit up a fiery orange before turning yellow with power. An explosion happening and engulfing Musyamon in fire and blasting him back to where he came from the witch’s portal. The real Wizardmon taking a step from behind Kazuki.

The partner digimon fell to his knees again. “I’m sorry, Kaz. I failed Sorcerymon, and I am failing you.” Tears fell to the ground, the drops heavy with powerful emotions.

Kaz put a hand on his digimon’s back. “You aren’t failing me. Charge up one more Thunder Ball, though.”

“What are you going to do?”

Standing firm, Kaz aimed the vengeful eyes at Musyamon. Digivice in hand, he brought it up in front of his face with the screen pointing out. “Spirit Evolution!” Where he once stood was now a growing form, enveloped in gray light. He stood much taller than before, straightening himself out as the lances covered his hands. “Let me handle this,” he said, looking down at his digimon.

Wizardmon struggled to stand, but began charging a lightning ball once more. Musyamon charged for the team, but SkullKnightmon was nearly full power. They clashed; sword against a lance. Small sparks flew past their weapons and bounced off armor. There was a considerable force coming from Musyamon. Kaz shrugged it off as he simply adjusting to his spirit’s power.

Wizardmon had a large ball once more, larger than before. The struggle showing across his face. He shouted out, “Kazuki, move. I cannot hold it!” The ball flew forward, a shockwave pushing Wizardmon onto his back.

Expertly, SkullKnightmon crouched and jumped into the air. The ball just missed him, impacting Musyamon again. The undead looking digimon’s body stiffened, glowing with blue electricity. Coming down, SkullKnightmon pierced the digimon’s chest with his lance, “Spear Needle,” he announced.

A pause filled the air. No one moved, as they all looked on hoping it was over. Where Wizardmon once was had now been occupied by Impmon, exhausted for sure. A crying Mayumi off to the side, and Kazuki with his weapon in his enemy’s body.

From Impmon’s point of view, he saw small bits of data floating up into the air. He couldn’t tell if they had defeated Musyamon or the samurai fatally stabbed Kazuki. His vision blurring more and more with the well of tears in his eyes.

The armored demon man fell to one knee, finished. “What. A. Team,” he struggled to say. His data continued to float higher into the air.

At the flick of his lance, Kaz snatched the snowflake charm that was in Musyamon’s other hand, opposite the sword. He reverted back to his normal, human body. Opening his hand, he found the charm mesmerizing. It held the data of Impmon’s best friend. He walked over to the tired imp digimon and carefully handed him the charm.

The team huddled together as Musyamon finished being deleted and cried together.

(SPOILER: Originally supposed to be my character's Blue Card thread. I have already talked to Zan about this prior and the charm is intended to become the evolution item. However, I am going to use the debut of such an item at a later time in another big fight with my character's first antagonist.)

 Posted: Dec 15 2017, 04:01 PM
She/Her - US Central (-6:00) -

This was an interesting read, Kaz. I'll give you .2 DEP and 1,000 Bits for good plot. However, I do want to go over some writing tips if you're interested. Great job!

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