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 Battle-Mania!, Yet another solo. No Flashbacks tho!
Sam Raines
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 09:29 PM
Sam Raines
- -

As a fairy-like creature called a "Pucchiemon", a supposed "doctor", left the room, Sammi couldn't help but look at the injury she had received just a day prior. A wicked scar replaced a grievous injury to her side. She had received some creative "first aid" not long after the incident, but in the end Dr. Pucchichi, as he apparently liked to be called, stated that it had done more harm than good. Apparently if her wound tore any deeper, they'd be struggling to push her insides back into her body. She wasn't sure how much she could trust from a doctor who insisted a pat on the head as payment, but she supposed she couldn't argue with the results. Other than the obvious scar, a dull ache was all that remained. Shrugging, she poked her injury a couple of times. Regret immediately came in the form of a paralyzing pain that coursed through her entire body.

The day before, she had received a terrible injury from getting gored by a giant mole Digimon named Drimothy the Drimogemon. Honey, a yellow worm Digimon called a Kunemon, had used some sort of electrical shock to paralyze some her torso, enough to where she didn't feel any pain. Sweetie, a green worm Digimon called a Wormmon, had sprayed her with some incredibly tough webbing to hold her wound together. The combination of their two techniques helped Sammi recover enough to help out her partner Digimon, Vee, get in over his head in some reckless attempt to prove he was a hero.

But even his reckless attempts were nothing compared to her, who had only been able to stall time while a bunch of passenger Digimon saved the two of them. In all honesty, she didn't remember too much of what happened. She remembered the incredible pain of her wound, Vee shouting at her, Sammi shouting back at him, and that her hand was apparently radioactive with some kind of power called... was it Digispark? Digisoul? Digisurge? Like most things in this world, it was called Digisomething.

But no power in the world was able to save her poor shirt. Holding it out in front of her, she saw that half of the fabric on one side was ripped open. And while that was something she could potentially pass off as a risque fashion choice, the copious amount of dried blood staining the fabric wasn't. She set the shirt aside and let out a heavy sigh. It as one of her favorite shirts, and clothes cost a lot of money these days, particularly ones that didn't become practically invisible when exposed to a little sweat. Not to mention how she'd explain the scar to her old man. Hell, she already knew that Lee was never going to let her hear the end of this. She untied the sleeves of her jacket and removed it from her waist. She was relatively comfortable with her figure, and she hated the feeling of her zipper against her bare skin, but walking around town in just a sports bra didn't sit well with her. She wasn't a big fan of attracting attention, and the huge scar on her side definitely stood out.

So naturally, Vee came barging through the door when she was just about to put her sweater on. "Hey Sam, the doctor said you were here in this room!" His mouth was a goofy grin as he practically had a skip in his step. Sammi saw his face freeze up as his eyes carried over to her scar, but he quickly shook it off and resumed his giddy expression. "You're feeling better, right? So put your shirt on and let's go!" Sammi stared at him in awkward silence as she threw her jacket over her and zipped it up. He was a naked little dragon boy, after all. She guessed he and most other Digimon didn't have the same sense of modesty. She grabbed the torn shirt - no point in leaving dirty laundry lying around - as she left and headed out.

"Trailmon wasn't hurt too badly, so when we dealt with those goons, he double-timed it to Checkpoint City. The guards stopped us at the checkpoint, but when they saw how bad you looked they took you to the hospital right away," Sammi and Vee were walking down the streets of Checkpoint City. Vee was walking a little too close for Sammi's comfort, disturbingly chipper for some reason. Sammi guessed that he was just glad she was alive. Hell, Sammi hadn't quite come to terms with the fact that she nearly died herself. Even so, Sammi couldn't bear to look the Veemon in the eye just yet, instead looking around the city around her.

When she first arrived in the Digital World, Sammi never had the opportunity to check out Central City, so she hadn't quite experienced the full effects of a Digimon-populated civilization. And the full effects of it were... at this point, underwhelming. Honestly, it looked like something akin to a western movie mixed in with a futuristic setting. Unlike in the real world, there wasn't a car in sight, probably due to how different all the Digimon were in shape or size. Buildings varied in all types of architectural design; probably to accommodate the multitude of Digimon that wandered the streets.

"Sweetie and Honey decided to stick with the Trailmon and continue some kind of..." He paused as if trying to recall something. "Worldwide Sweetie-and-Honey-Moon Adventure Extravaganza..." He seemed particularly proud that he was able to remember all of that. "Drimothy and Penpen are still in town, too, thought I think they're just in town getting supplies to make a trek up the mountains for some accounting job up at the Imperium," He pointed to a massive mountain off in the distance. "And they didn't say where they were going, but Gottsumon and Yasyamon might be around too. Oh, and Yasyamon's mad at us! Says we owe him two wooden swords!" Sammi vaguely recalled the two of them vaguely throwing and dropping his weapons out of the Trailmon after he was gunned down by the bandits. Honestly, she was surprised to hear that the strange masked Digimon was still alive. She had only experienced a child-level Digimon's power up-close, so she had no idea that the levels beyond could get this powerful. There were so many creatures stronger than Vee, and he still wanted to become a hero strong enough to protect them? If what she heard was right, then he would have to do that Digivolve thing to become stronger, and only his tamer could give him the strength to do that.

I guess I was right. You truly aren't my partner, after all! Vee's statement when she was trying to buy time haunted her. Vee didn't think of her as his partner? The reason she came to this world in the first place was that she felt some sort of calling, and that there was something in this world that only she could do.

And... she didn't have a lot going for her in the real world. There were only two people she considered close in her life. One was a father that was far too emotionally distant after the death of his wife, Sammi's mother, nearly eight years ago, he went into a spiral of depression that led to him making absolutely terrible financial decisions. As a public defendant with massive gambling debts, he was so underpaid and overworked that he literally couldn't afford for both his daughter and himself to eat. Yet he refused to let her get a job and help support financially. So, she acceded to his pride and remained as frugal as possible, even lying about having already eaten occasionally. The other was a best friend that clearly wanted to be something more. Sometimes she'd catch him staring when he thought she wasn't paying attention, or a blush from so much as a pat on the back or a slug in the arm. At first she chalked it up to a sheltered teenage rich boy having his first female friend, but when he started doing things like giving her a laptop computer the day after off-handed complaint about not having one, she was beginning to think that he was trying to buy her in some way. Since then, she had tried to be extra careful around him, minding her words so he would never misconstrue them as some kind of signal.

But when she found out that she had some kind of purpose, that somebody would need her as more than just a mouth to feed or the target of someone's affections. For the first time in her life, she felt like she could make a difference.

But apparently Vee thought differently. Or at least, said so. But now his new attitude was just as upsetting. Sammi stopped walking, Vee nearly bumping into her. "Hey Sam, why'd ya stop walking?" Sammi put her hand on her scar. It hurt to do so, but at this point the pain did nothing but trigger her anger. She might need it for the following conversation.

"You said back at the crash site that I wasn't your partner," She stated. She held up her Digivice and held it towards Vee. "So why exactly am I walking beside you, holding this, in a city full of Digimon?" Vee's smile dropped as a concerned look took over his face.

"I-I don't really think that's too important of an issue," Vee weakly replied, looking around for god-knows-what. Sammi bent down to get face-to-face with the child-stage Digimon.

"No. You've gotten a big bug up your blue butt ever since we got on the stupid train," She grabbed his head so they could look each other in the eye. "You've got something on your mind. Spill it." Vee reeled back, the conflict in his face now more apparent than ever before he finally acquiesced.

"Well, you see... The thing is... I don't know for sure, but sometimes..." He fidgeted around with his hands as he spoke "Sometimes I think that my tamer might actually be someone...else..." He let out a gasp of air as if he had been holding this information like it was his breath. Sammi noticed tears begin to well up in his eyes, but his voice remained unchanged. "So... I didn't want to tell you because... well, you were so willing to help me out despite everything, and... I..."

"Why hello there, you, in the blue! How would you like the opportunity of a lifetime?" Sammi and Vee looked over to see a blue dog-like Digimon gesturing towards them from a nearby alleyway. He had on a red headband and... random boxing gloves. "Oh, I see you're both blue. Well, how about the strong-looking Digimon instead of the human!"

"Oh look, a distraction!" Vee blurted out before slipping free of Sammi's grasp and running over to the dog Digimon. "How can I help your, Mr. Gaomon? I'm Vee, the Veemon! I happen to be a hero, you know, so I can assure you that I can help with whatever you need!" Sammi stormed off after him. "And this is Sam! She's..."

"I don't know what I am at this point," She replied in frustration, clenching her fist. Mr. Gaomon, as Vee called him stared at her in confusion for a quick second before turning back to Vee.

"Well, me and some other guys in the city decided to hold a little..." He blushed in embarrassment. "We're holding a fighting tournament that's only for child-stage Digimon. The thing is, a lot of Digimon didn't want to join, and we're short on members... So you seemed to carry yourself well, so I figured if you felt like entering..." He turned away, his head already facing down in defeat. Vee gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"You don't gotta worry whether I'm interested or not!" Vee gave a broad, sharp-toothed smile. "I'm always here to help if you need it!" He looked up over at Sammi. "Hey, Sam, can we take care of this some other time? Clearly this young Digimon needs a hero's help!"

"I don't even... Just do whatever you want!" Sammi replied in anger, wanting to storm off. "As soon as you screw up whatever it is you're trying to help with you can come find me!"
"There aren't a whole lot of child-level Digimon with a high battle power around these days, and if we went around inviting adults, then it would defeat the purpose of having a child-level Digimon battle tournament!" Gaomon's eyes were starry as he began explaining. "With the guards around in this area, it's hard to simply challenge people to a fight without getting into trouble, and I'd be liable to get turned into scraps of data if I tried to fight Digimon out in the wild!"

"Yeah, Sam and I got attacked by some bandits along the way from Central City!" Vee commented. "They were pretty dangerous, but we managed to take them!" Gaomon's snout curled up into an unsettling smile.

"That's really good to hear! I always wanted to fight a bunch of guys on my level!" He began boxing the air in front of him. "There's just nothing exciting like knowing that if you play your cards right, you can pummel your opponent!"

"And that pressure of knowing that if you slip up even a bit, you're gonna get the snot beat out of you!" It seemed like Gaomon's sparkling eyes had infected Vee's as well. The two seemed to be hitting it off rather well.

"Well, maybe this guy should be holding the Digivice..." Sammi muttered, a bit more bitter than she intended. Gaomon and Vee evidently heard her speak, as the two of them looked back at her.

"Hey Vee, why is that angry girl following us if she's so mad at you?" Gaomon whispered, blocking his mouth with one of his large gloves.

"Well, she really doesn't want to, but she'll get lost if she goes out on her own, but she's just too embarrassed and proud to admit any of it," Vee whispered back. "She's actually a really nice person, but she gets really mean when she's mad, so the best thing to do is ignore her until she gets over it."

"And whispering loudly as if I weren't a couple of feet away isn't gonna help me 'get over it'!" Sammi answered, clenching her fist and wondering how much she could hurt Vee's stupid thick skull with it before the bones in her hand shattered. "Eleven, no, twelve full-power swings..."

"Ah! We're here!" Gaomon ran up towards the entrance of some shoddy-looking building. He knocked on the door and a voice replied a few seconds later.

"Who is there?" The voice sounded young, much like Gaomon and Vee's.

"Sirius punches faces into the night!" Gaomon answered, apparently some kind of password.

"And how many faces does the blue wolf star strike?" Sammi couldn't quite tell, but she thought she heard the voice try and hold back laughter.

"Like, a gazillion!" Twelve seconds passed, and the door opened.

"You may enter," The other voice answered. It belonged to purple dragon-like Digimon with purple scales. It had bat-like wings attacked to its arms, with silver claws at the end of his hands and feet. A single golden horn protruded from the top of his head. "Not like the door was locked in the first place!" He looked over towards Vee and Sammi. "So you bring in a twofer? Well, hate to break it to ya, but I already found someone to participate as well! So one of yours will just have to forfeit, otherwise we'll make it all uneven!"

"Don't worry!" Vee gave the purple Digimon a thumbs-up. "I'll be the one participating! I'm Vee, the heroic... Hero of Blue Justice that helps anyone in their time of need!"

"Heroic hero?" The purple Digimon repeated, confused. "Well, anyways, nice to meet you, Vee! I'm Knuckle, the fight-lovin' Monodramon, and this boxing nut you met over here's Punchey! Punchey gasped, immediately bowing in apology.

"Oh! I had never given my name! I'm so sorry!" Vee patted him on the head and chuckled.

"Punchey's a cool name!" He gave another sharp grin. "Super direct! Isn't that right, Sam?" Sammi took a moment before replying.

"It certainly tells you what you're about," She pointed towards the Gaomon's gloves. Wait a minute. Why was she answering Vee? She was still pissed at him, no more so than ever seeing how he was blowing off their conversation like this!

"But enough about people's names!" Knuckle blurted. "We've got a battle tournament to fight in! So let's go downstairs, to the arena!"
As it turned out, the "arena" ended up being being a small basement with a dirt floor. It looked like a large circle, what must have been fifteen feet in diameter had been dug away, and nearly as deep as Sammi's own five feet of height. She saw two well-used shovels lying in the corner of the room, and next to them was a chest covered by a cloth. Sammi could only imagine where the dirt that used to fill this large whole was.

Standing in the opposite side of the room was a tall, almost humanoid fox Digimon. It's fur was dirty and mangled, like it had recently been through a scrap or two. It was leaning against the wall with its arms crossed, staring at the newcomers with disturbingly wide eyes. As they glanced across the room, they paid a particular attention to Sammi. Sammi looked back over to the fox creature, only to notice that its eyes weren't focusing in on any particular thing. In fact, it felt like the eyes were peering into her very core. Sammi couldn't help but shiver, but none of the Digimon seemed to pay it any mind.

"Alright! So, we got four people now, so we can do..." Knuckle patted his clawed hands on his legs in not-so-rhythmic attempt at a drum roll. "Ta-da! A two-round single elimination battle tournament! No holds-barred, though we ain't got any bars to hold here!"

"That's not what tha-"

"Yeah, dunno why you'd use a bar during a fight!"

"Maybe because they don't want you getting drunk beforehand?" Sammi rubbed her temples, not even bothering to try and explain any further.

"Anyways, let's hurry up! I wanna fight... you!" Knuckle pointed a claw towards Vee. Punchey stepped towards the purple dragon Digimon.

"Oh, that's not fair!" He protested. "I'm the one that found him, so I should fight him! You should fight the Digimon you found!"

"What? No way! If you wanted to fight him, you should have said so earlier!"

"But I was almost about to!"

"Well almost only counts in... horse-hands and grenade launchers! Besides, no one made a rule against it, so I decided to make a rule for it!"

"It's horseshoes and hand grenades!" Sammi blurted out. "And you should just draw lots if you want to decide this fairly!" The Digimon in the room just gave her a stare as if she were dumbest person in the room.

"But if I decide, it's faster, right?" Knuckle stated. "Besides, with my claws and Punchey's gloves, it's really hard for us to even hold a crayon, let alone draw something." It took every last ounce of restraint for Sammi to not strangle the purple Digimon. Not that she could, anyways. As Vee stated previously, she was only ever getting in the way. She patted Vee on the head in encouragement, resisting the urge drive her fist into his head. It would probably only hurt her fist. The sooner they got out of here and away from all this idiocy, the better.

"Just take him on already," Sammi encouraged. "Besides, you're fighting in a tournament, right? Just break Knuckle, and if Punchey manages to beat that..." Was the crazy-eyed fox creature a guy or girl? "If Punchey beats his opponent, then you two can fight it out, right?" The group of child Digimon all nodded to each other, then Knuckle jumped right into the arena.

"Yahoo! Let's begin already!" The Monodramon pointed towards Vee. "Let's hurry up and fight! You're supposed to be strong, right! Come and show me what you've got!"

"Oh, but I wanted to fight first... You already got to pick your opponent..." Vee gave him a pat on the shoulder and held out his fist.

"Don't worry!" Vee reassured the animal Digimon. "I'll win this match, so we'll meet in the finals, and have a match well worth waiting for!"

"Y-yeah!" Punchey's fist met with Vee's as he let out a fanged smile. "Let's meet in the finals! Oh, but Knuckle's really strong, so you shouldn't take him lightly!"

"I'm also still waiting! Hurry up!" Sammi sighed and placed her hand on the back of Vee's head. Stupid Digimon. He started off just as a distraction so they wouldn't have this conversation, and now it seems like he was so into this so-called "tournament" that he forgot about it entirely.

"You heard the purple dragon thing," Sammi chided, abruptly shoving Vee into the five-foot deep pit. The Veemon promptly landed on his head, yet stood up like nothing happened.

"Thanks for the help, Sam, but I could have gotten down without your help!" Vee shouted out, without any apparent grudge. Did... Vee just call her useless again? Before she could respond, Vee turned to face Knuckle with his fists raised. "Sorry to keep you waiting! But let's get this party started!" Yet neither Digimon made a move.
"So... like... do you want to attack first, or..."

"I dunno. It's just weird to attack someone so suddenly," Both Digimon remained locked in their stance.

"Oh for goodness' sake... If you morons aren't going to start... Ready, set, GO!" She raised her hand and immediately threw it down at the word "go".

"But isn't that for races?" Regardless of what it was for, Vee and Knuckle sped towards each other. Vee proved to be the faster opponent, however.

"V-Hero Punch!" Vee made a wide swing with his fist, apparently aiming more for power over speed or accuracy. Sammi wasn't sure of Vee's intentions. She had never seen the Digimon fight in a one-on-one brawl, so she had little idea of the Digimon's overall fighting style.

She assumed that it was Vee's way of testing the opponent's strengths. A fast enemy would try and dodge the attack, while a sturdier opponent would try and block the attack. And hey, if the opponent were unskilled or outright weak, maybe he could get in a quick victory.

Granted, Vee's little strategy was a bit of a gamble. Only a particularly tough Digimon could employ such a method of testing the waters, seeing as Vee was practically begging the opponent to counterattack. Which meant Vee had to be willing to take a hit from his opponent as well. But from what Sammi knew of Vee, he was a Digimon that wasn't afraid to take a few licks for the greater good. In fact, it was that attitude of his that got on Sammi's nerves.

Regardless, Knuckle had three options for such an slow and obvious punch. He could block and try and test his strength against Vee's, dodge and attempt to catch Vee off guard, or he could do the most problematic situation and use Vee's attack against him.

Naturally, Knuckle decided to go with the latter-most option. Twisting his body to the side, he wrapped both arms around Vee's swinging arm and continued spinning, applying the force of Vee's reckless swing to his momentum and launching the blue dragon Digimon far behind him. "You're pretty fast, but I've fought against faster!" twirled in the air and managed to flip his body around midair to slam into the side of the pit with his feet. Bending his knees, he managed to negate most of the force of the throw, to the point where his body was curled up as he sunk into the dirt wall a few inches.

"Not done yet!" Vee replied, using his scrunched up state to spring his body back out, launching his fists out in front of him. "V-Heroic Double-Punch Dive Bomb!" Knuckle brought both of his arms up in front of him block Vee's aerial assault. Fists connected with forearms, but the grounded Monodramon won out over the midair Vee as the force from Vee's blow was negated he was pushed back. He adjusted his balance midair to land safely, but by the time his feet landed squarely on the ground Knuckle was all over him.

"Beat..." Knuckle turned his body to the side, holding out one arm in front of Vee's face. Knuckle's wing-like appendage covered Vee's line of sight, effectively blinding him. Taking advantage of the situation, Knuckle raised his other arm and swung out with a full-force cross punch. Sammi saw Vee cross his arms in front of his torso while slightly lowering his head. "KNUCKLE!!!" The purple dragon Digimon pulled his other arm away from the last second and his strike connected squarely against Vee's forehead. Vee's body immediately jerked backward and landed on his back, his head tilted so he was staring at Sammi at the top of the pit. Sammi saw that his eyes were open, but unfocused.

"S-Sam..." His voice was weak. "My head's feeling all spinny... I don't think even Agum's ever hit me this hard before..."

"What the heck is an agum...? Stop speaking nonsense!" Sammi scolded. "And if his punches hurt that badly, then maybe you should stop trying to defend with your head, you idiot!" She pointed directly at Vee, not even caring about her flustered composure anymore. Vee looked back, blinking a couple of times and his eyes finally coming into focus.

"That's because... That's a really good idea!" He picked himself out of the dirt and stood with his fists at the ready. He held the back of his hands in front of his face so that his open palms were facing Knuckle. "Now I can block his attack!"

"Wait! Then he's obviously gonna atta-" Sammi couldn't finish shouting in time. Knuckle charged forward once more.

"You think a couple more arms is gonna stop my Beat Knuckle!?" He shouted his body in the same stance as his last attack. "Beat..." He raised his fist for another strike, but it seemed a little lower than last time. Like Sammi suspected, he was going to strike at Vee's unguarded torso.

"Sorry, but an old rival of mine taught me that your slower attacks..." Vee grabbed onto Knuckles front arm, swinging his opponent into the air. Knuckle threw his fist forward, but Vee's sudden motion and his abrupt launch prevented him from even getting close to connecting his attack. Knuckle was hurled upwards, to the point where Sammi could have made level eye contact with the purple dragon if he weren't focused on anything but Vee.

"These wings of mine might not be able to fly..." He spread his arms out as his wings flapped open and he was able to correct his balance midair. "But they can slow my fall and give me an edge when attacking from the air!" After correcting himself, he closed his arms and dove towards Vee, his fist already pulled back for a powerful punch.

"That's alright! I needed the extra time!" Sammi saw Vee take a quick breath and focus his strength as he pulled his fist back to deliver a punch to his airborne opponent.

"BEAT KNUCKLE!!!" Knuckle launched his fist downward towards Vee's face, using the momentum of the fall to strengthen his strike.

"V...Dodging Uppercut!" At the last second, Vee jerked his body to the side to avoid Knuckles strike and threw his fist upward. Knuckle's attack only managed to land a glancing blow the side of Vee's head as the blue dragon Digimon's fist connected squarely on his opponent's cheek, his arm looping around Knuckle's. The combination of the leverage of Vee's ground-based strike and Knuckle's falling momentum all served to work against Vee's opponent. There was a clear second of impact where nothing moved, then suddenly Knuckle was sent crashing into the pit wall, burying himself in dirt. Vee took in another breath, but didn't drop his focus on his opponent. And sure enough, Knuckle came staggering out of the wall.

"Don't think that I'm just gonna go down in one hit!" He declared, yet clearly off-balance.

"And I didn't think so! V-Justice Barrage!" He stepped forward with a flurry of strikes while Knuckle raised his arms up to counter. But the weakened Monodramon couldn't keep up with Vee's swift strikes and took too many hits. He struck so fast and so many times that Sammi couldn't even keep track.

"Wow, Vee! You can punch as fast as I do!" Punchey's eyes lit up at this prospect for some reason. By the time Vee finished his assault, he was left panting in exhaustion. Knuckle, on the other hand, collapsed outright.

"Ugh... you win... but...rematch..." Was all he could muster.

"No worries, there!" Vee answered. "You've got some slow attacks, but they sure pack a whollop! Right, Sam?"

"Maybe, if he learns some feints and other tricks to keep his opponent off-balance," Sammi commented. "He started out the fight well enough, but once he started getting excited all he did was make direct attacks, so... I guess he should keep his cool," All of a sudden she realized what she was saying. Why was she giving these guys battle tips again? She looked over to see Vee give her a bright, sharp grin. There was a sudden "thud" sound as Knuckle was plopped right in between Sammi and Punchey, apparently unconscious. Standing above them, the fox Digimon still staring at Sammi. Sammi gave it a nervous wave, and looked over towards Vee. He was busy trying to climb out of the pit, digging into the dirt to use as footholds. She turned back to see the fox Digimon out of her view. Vee had climbed up out of the pit and was walking over to Sammi and Punchey.

"That was a really nice fight!" the blue canine Digimon praised. "Now I'm all fired up for my fight!" Vee grinned and blushed in response.

"Aw, you know, I just didn't want to give a boring fight, is all!" He responded with a little laugh. Punchey nodded in response and dropped down into the pit. Sammi then noticed the fox Digimon already standing in the pit, arms crossed, still staring at Sammi.

"Umm... I hope we have a good fight!" Punchey offered with a polite bow. the fox Digimon turned its attention towards the Gaomon and nodded.

"Hey, Vee..." Sammi pointed to the fox Digimon. "What's the deal with the creepy fox?" Vee looked over to Sammi, then to the Digimon.

"Oh! That one's called a Renamon!" Vee answered. "They're actually really strong in a fight, because they're really fast and incredibly sneaky! And they're good in hand-to-hand combat, too! Actually, I hear they're really popular with humans for some reason!"

"Oh, come to think of it..." She vaguely recalled seeing a similar-looking creature as the desktop image of one of Lee's computers once. Only it had more... accentuated features. "Hmm. I mean, they're already technically foxy, I guess..." As she muttered this under her breath, the Renamon gave Sammi a fierce glare, apparently keen hearing was also one of its traits. Regardless, the Renamon's stare once more sent shivers down her spine, until Vee poked her leg.

"Sam, you gotta start the fight!" Vee chided. "You were the one to announce it, so no you gotta do it for all the matches!"

"You've gotta be kidding... Ugh... Ready, set, GO!!!" Punchey raised his fists and began bobbing around on his feet, while the Renamon simply raised its arms out to its side.

"This is gonna be intense..." Sammi heard Knuckle's groggy voice. Evidently, he was awake. "Punchey has an incredibly swift and aggressive fighting style, but he's not great at defending against surprise attacks. Ol' Crazy-Eyed Ren's quick enough to keep up, so if he can catch him off guard..."

Punchey dashed forward and threw a devastating punch right into the Renamon's stomach. The fox Digimon let out a cough, clutched its belly, and collapsed to the ground, completely defeated.

"...the fight will be over in an instant..." Punchey politely bowed to his fallen opponent before looking up to Vee with a giddy smile and a thumbs-up.

"He's stronger than he looks," Sammi commented, looking towards the Gaomon.

"Yep." The excitement in his voice was glaring.

"And he fights using boxing techniques. Got any plans?" She looked over to Vee and saw him grinning right back at her.

"Nope!" Then why the hell was he so happy? Was he that much of a fight-fiend?

"Well, go beat him up or get beat up, or whatever," She answered with thinly veiled bitterness. Vee's joyful visage turned to one of concern, but he nodded and vaulted into the pit.

"I made sure to win quickly so we could fight sooner!" Punchey exclaimed, raising his fist. Vee did the same.

"I noticed. I would have preferred a little more time to recover from taking on your friend, but if you're in that much of a rush of a fight, I guess I can oblige!"

"Hey!" Knuckle shout interrupted the two's pre-fight banter. "How 'bout before you begin we get Crazy Ren out of the pit, first?" They all looked towards the unconscious fox Digimon. Its eyes had rolled to the back of its head and it was drooling out of its slacked jaw.
"Stupid little... I was the one who got beaten up... why did I have to lift and push the stupid fox out of there...?"

"Because the person who loses in the first round have to face a punishment game!" Punchey replied. His face had a look of self-satisfaction to it. He turned towards Vee and resumed his fighting stance. "So now that we got that out of the way, and since the slow Knuckle took his time getting Ren out of the arena..."

"Bite me!"

"I take it you've had sufficient time to rest?" Vee gave another sharp-toothed grin and raised his fists.

"Yeah. I'm su~uper strong now!" he replied. Sammi sighed.

"What am I, some kind of... ring... bell... girl.....?" She muttered. At least they weren't in a more public setting. "Ready, set, GO!!!" Vee jumped forward in tandem with Sammi's shout, while Punchey remained standing in his stance.

"V..." Vee swung out his arm wide again.

"Vee knows his opponent's a boxer, so wide swings won't work against him!" Sammi commented. What kind of trick did he have up his sleeve? She watched Vee continue his wide swing.

"... Hero Punch!" Apparently none. His launched his slow strike, only for Punchy to bend his legs to duck underneath his wide swing, then pop up to Vee's side. Using the momentum from his spring for power, he let loose a powerful right cross punch to the Veemon's face and sent him sprawling backward on his feet and gave Punchey the time he needed to swing out with a left cross to Vee's stomach. Vee instinctively grabbed his stomach in response, and Punchey delivered a swift uppercut to the bottom of Vee's jaw.

"Stupid Vee... what the heck did you expect from a Digimon wearing boxing gloves!?" Then a thought finally occurred to her. Vee hadn't the foggiest clue what boxing entailed. Hell, knowing him, he probably thought it was about trapping people in cardboard or something. She saw Punchey attempt to push his assault further, but Vee managed to shake off the attack enough counter.

"V-Surprise Headbutt!" He shouted as swung his head down in front of him, a desperate attempt to take advantage of Punchey's uppercut. Yet the Gaomon saw the attack coming, however. He lifted his back foot and pushed off with his front foot to take a step backwards and avoid the blow. Then he took a half a step forward and sent a couple of quick jabs to the top of Vee's head. It didn't seem to have any effect, but Vee took advantage of the strikes to move backward.

"That's some thick skull you've got there!" He exclaimed,
shaking his hand. "I don't think I could recover if I take one of those headbutts!" He was dancing from foot to foot, making sure he remained on his guard even during the conversation.

"But your punches still pack some power in them!" Vee replied, still reeling from the attacks. "Your punches are really strong for such quick hits! And I don't think anyone's ever hit me as hard as Knuckle has!" Both Digimon were grinning at this point.

"I know, right? Me and Knuckle spar all the time, so I learned how to fight fast so he didn't beat me up all the time! But... We're really glad we could fight such a strong child Digimon like yourself! That said..." Punchey's front foot lifted slightly as he moved in towards his opponent. "I don't intend on losing to you!" He swung in with a jab, and Vee raised his arm to block it. Unfortunately, the attack was a feint. Before the jab connected with Vee's arm, Punchey's twisted his body, pulling back his front fist and swinging with his back fist. Vee attempted to dodge, but couldn't get out of the way in time. The blow struck him in the cheek, but his attempt to dodge helped to avoid the full force of the blow. Sammi saw Punchey draw his other fist for a follow-up, but noticed his back foot was hovering.

"V-Countering Punch of Justice!" Vee swung out in a furious punch flinging out in an awkward stance, but Punchey had already jumped backward and avoided the blow. Punchey took half a step forward and delivered a swift jab to Vee's face. Vee used his already extended fist to swing out in an attempt to backhand his opponent, but Punchey ducked down underneath the blow and sprung back up, delivering a series of three more jabs to Vee's midsection before stepping back. Vee quickly recovered and followed, sending out a volley of punches. "V-Hero Flurry!"

"Gao Rush!" Punchey shouted, sending his own barrage of blurry fists out at his opponent. Fist struck against fist, neither opponent able to connect with a strike. Even so, it looked like Punchey was getting pushed back.

"Why would he try and do that when he knows Vee can overpow-..." Sammi didn't have to finish her question to realize the answer. Punchey's feet were planted side-by-side, but she saw him lift his left leg, bend his knees, and take a sudden leap to the left right when Vee pressed his attack forward. With the sudden loss of resistance, Vee stumbled forward only for Punchey to strike him with several jabs before backing away again. "Out-boxing..." Vee centered himself and leaped at the Gaomon with all of his might. Apparently he had grown fed up with the quick animal Digimon.

But Punchey had a counter for the midair Digimon. His fur began to flit around in several directions as loose dirt began to twirl around him. In an instant, he curled up into a ball as spun into a red and blue blur. "Rolling Upper!!!" he rolled underneath Vee, suddenly springing out an delivering a leaping uppercut to Vee's gut. The dragon child was thrown up and into the wall of the arena, embedded into the dirt for a couple of seconds before tumbling to the ground. Sammi saw Vee trembling, attempting to stand up to no avail.

"Ugh..." Vee coughed, needed a moment to form words. "Didn't expect that..." He crawled up to his hands and knees. "You're really fast, but it'll only be a matter of time before I chase you down!"

"Oh, come on! You can't really be that dumb, could you!?" Sammi's berating outburst was followed up by her jumping into the arena. "TIME OUT!!!" She landed squarely on her feet, but underestimated the shock even a five-foot drop gave to her body. The force of the landing sent shocks of pain throughout her entire body, culminating in a sharp spear of agony in her side. The shock made her lose her balance as she slipped on a patch of loose dirt, her head colliding with what seemed to be a ton of bricks. "Nnn... sh-"

"It isn't the time to be taking your anger out on me, Sam..." Vee chided, completely unfazed by the teenager's accidental headbutt.

"That's not the point of... just... listen for a sec!" She demanded while standing up.

"Hey! You're the ref! You can't give advice in the middle of battle!" Knuckle protested. "So you gotta get back up here!" Sammi sucked in a breath for another petty argument.

"Just because I'm announcing the fights doesn't mean I'm..." She stopped as she questioned her line of thinking. She was literally dealing with a bunch of children during their... incredibly violent playtime. What was the point of using logic and reasoning, when she could just play by their rules? "Then if I'm the referee like you just said, then I get to make all the rules, right? So I'm ruling that I am allowed to!"

Her response seemed to hit Knuckle harder than any of Vee's punches. He was silent for nearly ten seconds before speaking. "Well, you're still picking favorites, so-"

"Shut up! As the ref, I'm ruling that you can't talk anymore!" Knuckle had an absolutely livid look about him, but otherwise remained silent. "That actually worked..." She turned back to Vee and grabbed him by his ears, pulling his face close to hers. "Punchey's leading you around to tire you out! It's one of the most common boxing techniques out there!" Vee had an uncomfortable look on his face, but didn't answer. "You're fighting in a circular arena, so you can't just chase after him, stupid!"

"I figured that, but he's faster than I am, so I have to chase him down!" Vee commented, explaining to Sammi as if she were an idiot. She began pulling his ears in different directions. "S-Sam! S-stop that! It really hurts!" Having felt strangely satisfied for finally finding a weak spot on the Veemon's person, she loosened her hold. Why was he trying to tell her what the situation was, when he had no idea himself?

That's when Sammi finally realized something about Vee. He was certainly no stranger to fights, but other than excessive brawling, he had absolutely no concept of technique or fighting styles. When it came to plans he had nothing but his innate combat instincts to rely upon. She let go of his ears entirely, placed her hands on the sides of his face, lowering her voice to a whisper.

"Listen. There's more to boxing than just punching people. Boxing is about patience. Punchey is keeping his distance and only striking when he knows he can safely get some hits in, all the while making you run after him to drain you of your stamina so you let your guard down more often. Get it?"

"But he's running around the arena, too! Vee protested. Sam used her hands to slowly shake Vee's head in disagreement.

"But you're the only one taking hits while doing so," She explained. "You're eventually going to get so tired out that Punchey will just K.O. you with his strongest hit,"

"But if I keep chasing him, he might eventually slip up!" He replied. "I don't think knowing all that stuff you said is gonna change that!" Sammi let go of Vee's head before answering.

"But you still don't realize that there's more to boxing than just these," She stated, pressing her fists together. "There's this..." She tapped Vee's forehead. "Though I wouldn't get my hopes up about you ever beating anyone in that way," Vee tilted his head in confusion in unknowing confirmation. "But more important for someone like you, there's a third thing!"
After about thirty seconds of Sammi's painful explanation, Knuckle silently pulled Sammi out of the pit using her newfound authority. Knuckle pointed to his throat, but Sammi shook her head. "Not until after the fight," She answered. Knuckle put his head down in disappointment.

All the while, Punchey was standing perfectly still, giving Vee an unusually intense look for his otherwise timid personality. Vee gave a lighthearted laugh before raising his fists up, Punchey mirroring his actions. "Sorry about making you wait so long, Punchey," His apology was casual, but sincere. Punchey nodded in acceptance. "Doesn't feel right to keep it a secret since we were in the middle of a fight, but Sam just explained what your strategy was, and secret of how your footwork... works. I just thought it was fair that you knew that,"

"It doesn't matter," the blue animal Digimon replied. "A fighting style that only works if it's kept a secret isn't a style that I would want to use, anyway. I'll just keep coming at you with the same techniques, and you'll be just vulnerable to them!" the Gaomon raised his front foot, then pressed forward to attack. Sammi saw Vee focusing on his opponent's feet, however, and the moment Punchey planted his front foot down to attack, the dragon Digimon made his move.

"V-Preemptive Counter Punch!" He shouted, throwing a powerful punch with all the force he could muster.

"Then it's just a regular punch, stupid..." Sammi commented dryly. She saw Punchey's eyes widen as a reaction, but she didn't sense any surprise from them. If anything, it looked like he was waiting for a moment like this. It turned out, despite Sammi's advice, the Gaomon was just too fast.

He made an immediate pivot, spinning around the forceful punch entirely, and yet continued to spin. His fur began to tussle in different directions and the dirt around him began to twirl around with him. The air and dirt around him seemed to add to his rotation as he soon became a whirlwind of fur and fist. "DOUBLE BACKHAND!!!" Punchey shouted, the Punchey-tornado colliding with the attacking Veemon.

Vee was sent spiraling away tumbling in all kinds of different yet painful expressions, but for an instant, Sammi saw a glimmer in his bright red eyes. He wasn't down for the count yet. He was launched all the way across to the other side of the pit, lying prone and had his opponent immediately chasing after him, but Sammi knew Vee wasn't going to give up.

"And to clean things up; DOUBLE BACKHAND!" The blue and red twister sprung forward.

"Sam was right!" She heard Vee exclaim. "He is going for the finish!" He sprung up to his hands and knees, waiting for Punchey's whirlwind assault. "My full power versus yours! It's the most a 'Mon could ask for!" At the last second, he sprang up to his feet... and immediately slipped on a patch of loose dirt. The same one that she slipped up on, Sammi absentmindedly noted.

"Oh, come on!"
"Oh, come on!"

It seemed even Punchey was taken aback, as his charge was paused for a brief second. But despite the mishap, Sammi saw Vee refuse to surrender. "V-Headbutt... He threw back his head and slammed down... into the ground beneath him. He used the force of the strike and flipped his body to vault up and above the spinning Gaomon. "...Surprise Launching Victory Stomp!" He drove his foot down on top of the spinning Punchey's head. For that instant, both Vee and Punchey stood perfectly still, Punchey's whirlwind coming to an abrupt end.

But then the dirt and air began to pick back up, the centrifugal force of the rotation returning to reapply the laws of physics. Both Digimon were sent flying in different directions, slamming into opposite sides. Both Digimon simultaneously pushed off the wall to make one giant leaping strike at one another. Punchey pulled his fist back for a powerful punch and Vee tilted his head back for a final headbutt.

Their attacks collided, with Punchey's fist landing squarely on Vee's forehead, the force of both blows enough to slow, but not fully put an end to their forward momentum.

"Don't think that hard head of yours is going to stop my attacks forever!" Punchey shouted, pushing forward with his fist with all his might. At this point, his punch was the only thing blocking Vee's attack.

"Doesn't have to be forever! Just has to be until..." Vee turned his head slightly as Punchey's fist began to slip by. Vee readjusted his head to line up a headbutt directly towards Punchey's face. "Right now! V-Hero Head Strike!" Sammi saw the shock in Punchey's eyes as he knew the attack was coming, but wasn't able to do anything about it. Vee's forehead slammed right into the poor animal Digimon's head, ending any and all momentum he had. Punchey slumped to the ground, lying flat on his back. Vee stood over him, panting from exhaustion. He was covered in dirt and had bruises all over him.

"Don't even need to count it out..." Punchey weakly announced. "I give up..." the Gaomon clearly had a frustrated look on his face, but raised his gloved hand up to Vee in a fist. "You're really strong, Vee! Even though Knuckle and I both lost to you, it was still really fun!"

"So the fight's over?" Knuckle asked, looking over to Sammi for confirmation.

"You're already talking now, so I guess so," She answered nonchalantly.

"Then in that case..." He jumped back a good five feet away from Sammi. "Curse you, witch-woman! I'll make you pay for your evil deeds one day! He ran over to the corner with the shovels and chest, pulled the cloth off it, and pulled out a small box. He ran back over to Sammi, shoved it into her hands. "Give that to Vee!" He stormed out of the basement, covering up the tears in his eyes, a thoroughly confused Sammi left in his wake.

"Don't know what that was about. Weird," Sammi commented. she went down in to the pit, this time making a slow climb out of it. She walked over to Vee just as he was pulling Punchey back up to his feet. "Hey, Knuckle said to give this to you. I guess it's some sort of prize, or something," She handed the box over to Vee. He opened it up and pulled out a large stack of cards.

"Oh! Look, Sam! I got a bunch of papers!" He stated, feigned excitement and nervous laughter in his voice. "I've... uh... always wanted these..."

"They're cards, and they're like our title belt!" Punchey explained. "This isn't the first time we fight together, right? It's only fair if Knuckle and I get a rematch, so you have to promise to come visit us again! Then we'll fight and I'll definitely beat you! I'm gonna make my punches so strong not even your skull can take them!"

Vee grinned and gave a thumbs-up. "Don't worry! I'm definitely gonna come back!" Punchey nodded and returned the gesture.

"Plus, we'll definitely tell Flaymes about you! If you beat both Knuckle and I, he'll definitely be interested in fighting you!"

"Flay...mez...?" Sammi inquired, wondering what was up with such a weird name. Punchey nodded.

"He's one of the stronger child Digimon around!" He explained. "He looks after a lot of the other child and baby Digimon in town, and protects us from all the adults that try to push us around! And he's really strong! Maybe even stronger than you are! He used to fight with us all the time, but... he uh... He has other interests now..." He gave a sad laugh before continuing, looking to Sammi and Vee. "But with the two of you together, I know you'd definitely get his attention!" Sammi looked down to Vee to see him staring up at her with bright, hopeful eyes.

"Hey, Sam! I have an idea!" Sammi shook her head and put her hand out, signaling him to stop.

"We're not waiting around," She stated. "You promised we'd talk, remember? We need to get that out of the way before we do anything else."
Sam Raines
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 09:34 PM
Sam Raines
- -

Not gonna lie, I thought it would be shorter this time. But I kept writing. And writing. Anyway, the cards I mentioned earlier are all cards I already own. Just finding a way to include them into the narrative. Sorry for the long read.
After leaving Punchey behind, Sammi and Vee were sitting on a bench outside the Trailmon station. The sun was setting in a reddish hue as many passing Digimon were making their way home. They hadn't made any plans to travel yet, but it was a good place for them to sit down and talk. It took a good long hour to pull the whole truth out of the Veemon, and he was nervously opening and closing his newly won box of cards, a clicking sound accompanying each moment of conversational dead air. "So long story short, you never intended to travel to me, and you think you might actually be Lee's partner Digimon? And this Digivice might also belong to him as well?" She held up the blue and white Digivice. When she thought about it, blue and white were some of Lee's favorite colors. Blue was near the top of her list, but she couldn't stand white. Too easy to get things dirty that way. If she had to pick one, it would have been a metallic, shinier color. Probably gold. Thankfully, Vee began to continue speaking. She wasn't sure how much longer she could bear attempting to rank her favorite colors.

"Well, I'm just saying I don't know for sure," He admitted. "I'm not entirely sure how this destined partner thing is supposed to work, but at first, I only brought you along because you were nice enough to help me. And after, I was having a lot of doubts about you, and..." He suddenly stood up and turned to face Sammi. "But I don't think any of that stuff now! I still think you're really weak, but you're su~uper brave! And you can be really mean, but you're really nice when you think no one's watching! And you know a bunch of stuff that I don't! Sam! I don't know if you're really my tamer or not, but I do know that I don't want anyone else but you! Vee's voice kept getting louder and louder, until the point where he was practically shouting by the end. The passersby all stopped to take a look as the pair drew in more and more attention, presumably getting the wrong idea.

"Quiet down your voice, would ya?" She responded, standing up and pushing the blue Digimon out of way. Vee didn't seem to know that Sammi and Lee were friends in the real world. And if she stopped to think about it, Lee would be a much better partner than she would be. Lee had his timid moments, sure, but he always stood up for what he believed in. He was incredibly generous considering his social standing, and unlike her, he was smart enough to know when to be brave. It was only a coincidence that Sammi's knowledge of fighting sports came in handy, after all. Lee was the type to know a little about everything, then everything about a little.

"Umm... Sam? Did you hear me?" Sammi didn't think she had ever heard his voice sound so insecure.

"I'm still thinking, damn it!" Lee would be the perfect partner for the fledgling hero Digimon. In fact, a lot of Vee's childish antics would probably inspire Lee as well. To her, they were just one more annoying habit to put up with. Clearing up this misunderstanding would be the easiest thing in the world. All she had to do was return to the real world and go fetch Lee. He'd understand quickly enough. Then Lee and Vee could be the greatest heroic tamer/partner to ever walk the face of the Digital World. But what did that leave her? It's not like she had anything going for her back in the real world. And to be frank, she didn't think it was fair for her to be tempted by this grand adventure before her, only to find out it was meant for somebody else. She supposed she could tag along with the pair, but she knew that she'd only be dead weight. She was seriously injured just by bumping into an adult stage Digimon; she didn't want to imagine what it would be like when a Digimon up and actually intended to harm her. And from what she could gather, bigger and meaner forms were out there.

And Vee, big, heroic, stupid fool that he was, would probably try to take on meanest and nastiest of them all. As much as she hated to admit it, she couldn't last out here in this world without a Digimon to protect her. And if Vee was busy protecting her, then no one would be around to protect Lee. She couldn't let that happen to one of her friends just because she selfishly decided she wanted a tour of the Digital World. "Hey, Vee..." She finally spoke up without turning around. "Say if had refused to go with you to the Digital World, and you went back all by yourself... What would you have done" She heard Vee sigh behind her. There was a long pause before she heard him speak up.

"Mr. Star... Uh... Someone I really looked up to told be to find a Digimon named Justimon," He explained. There was an obvious tremble in his voice.
She might have dug up some bad memories. One more thing she didn't know about him."He told me, before he... He told me that Justimon was the one who taught him to be a hero, and so... I figure I would find him and I'd learn to be a heroic Digimon without a tamer."

"And do you know where he is?" She hoped he didn't know the answer, or at least it was somewhere far away.

"I was told the best place to look was here, in the Western Mountain region," Vee answered. "Truth be told, I was already on my way to find him from the moment we came to the Digital World, because I thought... you know..."

"Well, I guess we should make this Justimon our next priority," Sammi finally said, turning to face Vee. He was struggling to hold back his tears, turning his eyes into sparkling rubies. "If I'm not actually your tamer, then you need someone capable of guiding you, right?"

"And... only until we find Justimon?" Sammi paused to answer. She had made her decision.

"I'm still not entirely sure," She lied with a warm smile. A pit of guilt formed in her stomach, but she felt it better for Vee to find out after it was too late. "But... If we're going off to find this guy, I wouldn't mind taking the scenic route! I don't plan on going anywhere yet!" Tears began to run down Vee's face and he immediately wiped them away. She extended her hand out to Vee, and her Digimon friend took it. After a firm shake, she said, "So stop being a crying pansy and let's go! Just not as partners, but as friends!" The two exchanged smiles while they heard applause and some cheers.

"Kiss her, already" A voice from the crowd shouted out. Sammi and Vee's faces reddened to match the sunset as they turned to awkwardly face the crowd.

"N-n-no! It's not like that! W-we're just friends that are traveling together!"
"Who the hell said that! I said we were just friends, damn it!"

The culprit never showed their face as the crowd eventually lost interest and went about their business. The pair saw how red the other was and couldn't help but break into laughter. Oddly enough, the laughter seemed to wash away most of Sammi's tension. If she could enjoy herself while they traveled, she didn't think she would have any regrets. They'd eventually find this Justimon guy, and if they could convince him to train Vee, then she would return to the real world and bring Vee his real tamer. It may have be selfish of her, but in the end, everyone needs to be a little selfish, right?
"So, this Vee guy, he took down both you and Punchey, huh?" In the back alley near Queen Board's Tavern, Knuckle was standing behind him as he was rifling through the trash, seeing if there was any food in there that hadn't turned into scrap data yet. "You said he had a Tamer, to boot? Any good cards get used?" Knuckle shook his head.

"No. Oddly enough, his tamer didn't even lift a finger, other than shout insults at him the entire time," While Knuckle was trying to explain, he found a half-eaten fish and let out a triumphant laugh. It wasn't cooked as properly as he liked it, but then again, that had never been an issue with Flaymes. With just slighty effort, an aura of intense heat flowed through the scrap food, and within seconds, it was cooked to perfection.

"Seems to me like I'm scheduled for a meeting with this Sam and Vee," He said with a grin. He bit off the fish meat in an instant, then scorched the remaining fish bones with flames coming from his hands. The charred-black bones disintegrated into loose data while he placed his hands into his pockets. Trails of smoke flew from his sides. "Go tell Punchey I'll be back to visit him in a couple of days. And I'll be returning with the cards I loaned you guys. After all, only the champion has the right to have them!"
 Posted: Dec 2 2017, 01:57 PM
He//Him - -7:00 Mountain Standard Time -

It was a fun, if not, excellent read. Brekaing the post limit twice is something interesting for sure; hopefully it doesn't lead ot a 'back breaker'. Heh.

Anyways, I'm going to reward .3 DEP for this solo and say...500 bits.

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