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 Janus and Zevi
 Posted: Feb 25 2017, 01:37 PM
Coding Mod
he/him/his - UTC-6:00 -

Name: Janus Hawke
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Origin: Caucasian

D-ban colors: Black and Light Gray
Digimon Line: Kuramon//Tsumemon//BlackGabumon//BlackGarurumon//BlackWereGarurumon//BlackMetalGarurumon
Preferred Method of Evolution: DigiSoul

History: Janus grew up in a small town, with few friends. They amused themselves by pranking the adults in town, quite often getting caught or otherwise into trouble. But as he got older, Janus changed quite a bit, no longer as mischievous as he once was. Instead, those that knew him would instead describe him as rather stoic, which secretly pleased Janus. After all, such a reputation made it rather easy to manipulate those around him to do what he wanted. He eventually moved away from that small town, and into a bigger city, where it became harder to manipulate people he did not know, but he relished the challenge. Janus got enrolled at the local High School, but did not join any clubs, and didn't have a chance to make many friends, before he suddenly disappeared.

RP Sample: Janus was walking through the city one day, on his way to school, when he suddenly found himself somewhere else. It was a very strange place, he quickly realized. It was as if several ecosystems were crammed haphazardly into a small area. Janus found himself standing in a desert, but off in the distance, he could see what looked to him like some kind of jungle, or a rain forest. He also thought he could smell the sea, but in a desert, that seemed pretty unlikely. "Didn't realize I was on drugs," he joked to himself.

He figured the jungle would be a better place to figure things out than a desert, so he started walking towards it. Upon arriving at the jungle, he quickly noticed that the sounds of wildlife were unlike any animals he had ever heard of, and could not hear even a single familiar bird call. "Well, I guess I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore," he joked again. Janus started climbing a tree to get a better look at his surroundings, but halfway up, he found a strange creature, unlike any he had ever seen. It looked like a pink bird, and upon noticing him, it darted towards him and he lost his grip on the tree, quickly falling to the ground below. Strangely, it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would, and he realized why when a sound from under him simply said, "Ow."

The creature he landed on looked to Janus like a head attached to a claw. While he was looking it up and down, the strange creature asked him, "Would you mind getting off of me now?" Janus, feeling a bit mischievous, responded, "But you're so comfortable, I thought I'd take a nap here. Walking through the desert is so tiring, after all." It took a few minutes for it to dawn on him, but Janus eventually asked the creature, "Wait, you can talk?" After a brief explanation of what Digimon were, Janus finally got off of the thing that called itself a Tsumemon.

Remembering the strange bird from earlier, Janus asked the Tsumemon, "Hey, we should stick together. Never know when I might need a meat shield." He grinned at his joke, but the Tsumemon simply sighed, thinking to itself, 'What a pushy human.' The Tsumemon shook its head and started walking in the opposite direction. Janus, however, was not deterred. He simply started following Tsumemon, instead. Tsumemon, naturally, was less than pleased, and quickly tried to ditch the human. This quickly became dangerous as they stumbled upon the strange bird from before, who was still angry at Janus for some reason. Seeing the Tsumemon, it decided to attack it first, thinking it was the bigger threat.

Janus jumped in front of the strange bird, which he heard Tsumemon call a Biyomon, when it tried to attack the seemingly frail creature he tried to befriend. Seeing this, Tsumemon finally agreed to team up with the human, and to both of their surprise, a strange device suddenly appeared on Janus's arm. Almost immediately after, the Tsumemon found itself bathed in a strange light, and when it emerged, it was now a BlackGabumon. Now stronger, the newly evolved Digimon attacked the enraged Biyomon, until eventually, it got tired and flew off somewhere. The human boy smiled at the BlackGabumon and said, "Name's Janus. Nice to meet you. I think I'll call you Zevi." The BlackGabumon sighed, knowing better than to try to argue with this human by now.

Time Zone: UTC-6:00
How did you find us? Originally joined Digital Dreams on the previous board, 10 years ago. (Though I wasn't around long, due to personal reasons. My account name back then was Omni-X, but it seems to have been deleted.)
Main account/Name Omni

Partner Digimon

Name: Zevi
Species: Black Gabumon
Gender: Male

Evolution Line: Kuramon//Tsumemon//BlackGabumon//BlackGarurumon//BlackWereGarurumon//BlackMetalGarurumon
Mutations: None.

History: Zevi was born in Primary Village, but he was always a bit of a loner. He didn't interact much with other Digimon for much of his early life, and eventually started to develop the trademark shyness that ordinary Gabumon are known for. As a Tsumemon, he left the village, so that he could be left alone. He wandered the Digital World for a short time, until he eventually met the person who would be his Tamer, Janus. Shortly thereafter, he finally evolved into his rookie form, a BlackGabumon, after a brief encounter with another Digimon who wasn't so friendly.
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